A.S.M.A.R. (Chile)

ØASMAR, a Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Company, is a legal entity of public law, with autonomous management and own assets. Its main activity is to repair and careen the Chilean Navy units. It can also repair and careen domestic and foreign ships and naval devices; manufacture and repair industrial articles for national security; and build ships and naval devices for the Chilean Navy and third parties.


ü Graving Dock 245m x 33.4m x 9m
ü Graving Dock 175m x 21.3m x 6m
ü Floating Dock 126.1m x 14m x 5.5m – 4,000 tons lift
ü 2 x Floating Docks 120m x 18.5m x 5.5m – 3,000 tons lift
ü Floating Dock 69.6m x 18m x 6m  - 1,200 tons lift
ü Floating Dock 70m x 11.8m x 6.4m -1,300 tons lift
 üServices: Structures, Metallurgy, Boilers and Piping, Mechanics, Electricity, Docking, Diesel Engines,    Electronics, Weapons Mechanics, Systems, Naval Engineering, Shipbuilding


 üAfloat Repairs
 üServices: Thermal Insulation, Boilers and Heat Exchangers, Piping, Carpentry, Diesel Engines, Turbochargers and miscellaneous, Gas turbines, Electrical Machinery and      miscellaneous, Electronics, Steel plates and steel profiles, Structures, Special welding, Engineering, Machine-Tools, Recovery of parts and pieces, Main engines, gas      turbines and auxiliary machinery, Dimensional inspection and non destructive testing (NDT)


ü1 Marine Elevator 119m x 24m x 6m – 3,570 tons lift
ü9 x Parking Railways 212m – 9 positions
  üEmergency Repairs, Structures, Naval Engineering, Machine - Tools, Quality Control, Melting, Mechanics, Piping, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Electricity, Electronics, Dry-Docking, Maneuvers and Diving, Careening and Carpentry