• Chemical product applied directly to surfaces prone to corrosion
  • Any diameter or surface, even complete hulls. Short medium pipe lengths or odd shapes
  • PolyFlake requires surface preparation to SA 2.0 or WJ2 standard. Then simple cleaning from scale, rust, sludges and debris
  • NO hot works
  • 5-40 years warranty depending on application
  • Can be applied to any surface requiring corrosion protection including hulls, flanges, decks, cranes, ballast tanks, sea chests, manifolds and casings
  • Fast applications times. Finished surface within 24-48 hours
  • Minimal disassembly required
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, acids and high temperature. Can be easily repaired


  • Chemical and acid resistant liner system for pipes
  • 50mm to 1200mm diameters
  • Works in presence of 90° elbows and tees
  • Any length
  • Minimal dismantling and surface preparation
  • NO hot works
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces
  • Can be applied to any pipeline including fuel lines, sea water lines, cargo lines and fire lines
  • Fast application. Up to 100m of pipe in a single operation
  • Lifetime guarantee

POLYGLIDE Hull antifouling system that can be combined with Polyflake or other existing base coats. Environmentally friendly. Only 2-4% touch up between DDs - NO blasting only HP washing and ready

Up to 70% cost savings compared to conventional pipe renewal