• Chemical product applied directly to surfaces prone to corrosion
  • Any diameter or surface, even complete hulls. Short medium pipe lengths or odd shapes
  • PolyFlake requires surface preparation to SA 2.0 or WJ2 standard. Then simple cleaning from scale, rust, sludges and debris
  • NO hot works
  • 5-40 years warranty depending on application
  • Can be applied to any surface requiring corrosion protection including hulls, flanges, decks, cranes, ballast tanks, sea chests, manifolds and casings
  • Fast applications times. Finished surface within 24-48 hours
  • Minimal disassembly required
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, acids and high temperature. Can be easily repaired


  • Chemical and acid resistant liner system for pipes
  • 50mm to 1200mm diameters
  • Works in presence of 90° elbows and tees
  • Any length
  • Minimal dismantling and surface preparation
  • NO hot works
  • Can be applied to wet surfaces
  • Can be applied to any pipeline including fuel lines, sea water lines, cargo lines and fire lines
  • Fast application. Up to 100m of pipe in a single operation
  • Lifetime guarantee

POLYGLIDE Hull antifouling system that can be combined with Polyflake or other existing base coats. Environmentally friendly. Only 2-4% touch up between DDs - NO blasting only HP washing and ready

Up to 70% cost savings compared to conventional pipe renewal



ØIonada is an innovative developer of technologies for the Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (EGCS) industry. 
ØIonada has developed a marine Dry Desulfurization system which uses sodium bicarbonate and produces a by-product of sodium sulfate which is non-hazardous and pH neutral
Ø99.9% of all sulfur oxides removed and the process is carbon neutral
ØCompact design using 20ft containers for the machinery and  sodium bicarbonate storage
ØReduced retrofit cost and no need for drydocking (in-voyage installation)
ØNo scrubber washwater
ØNo cooling, exhaust remains dry
ØChemicals are safe – food grade
ØAbsorbent easy to source and available at every port


ØALNMARITEC is an innovative boatbuilding company which provides practical, cost effective and original solutions in the design and built of aluminum alloy workboats
ØThe company develops 
customized designs for an extensive variety of applications including:
üPassenger ferries


üFire, Rescue and Ambulance boats
üResearch, Survey & Dive Support boatsüPilot and Patrol boats
üHose and line handling tugs

üCargo Ferries / Landing Craft
üHarbour Workboats
üCommercial fishing boats
üOil spill response boatsüWind farm service vessels
üAquaculture workboats