SSRS Ltd Company profile

  • S.S.R.S. stands for Shipping Spares, Repairs & Supplies. The company is based in Piraeus, Greece
  • Established in 1976 as an agency company for shipyards, engine spare repairs and equipment manufacturers
  • S.S.R.S. Ltd., has expanded its business into commercial representations and with its growing international connections now undertakes project promotions in both the shipping and manufacturing spheres
  • The company represents a diverse and wide ranging group of shipyards and contractors capable of undertaking all types of ship repairs and conversions worldwide
  • S.S.R.S has developed strong relationships with the top Greek shipowners. The Greek fleet is the largest in the world controlled by over 600 companies
  • S.S.R.S. cooperates with selected scrubber manufacturers focusing on developing technologies and solutions for desulfurization and decarbonizationabout


Shipyards Ship Repairers Manufacturers
Drydocks World Dubai (UAE) The General Shiprepair Corporation (USA)


Grand Bahama Shipyard (Bahamas, Freeport) Inland Marine Services Vitoria (Brazil) ALNMARITEC (U.K.)
PaxOcean DDW (Singapore-Indonesia-China) IONADA (CANADA, GERMANY, U.K.)
A S.M.A.R.(Chile)
Tsakos Shipyards (Uruguay, Montevideo)
HUAFENG Shipyard (China)
BULYARD (Varna, Bulgaria)
ICDAS  Shipyard (Turkey, Canakkale)
PGZ Stocznia Wojenna (Poland, Gdynia)
NOSCO Shipyard (Vietnam)
Navalrocha SA (Portugal, Lisbon)